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RTM over 150 Stains mixed to match or for new project


Ready To Match (RTM) Stain System is a water base colour matching system designed to make your colour matching ability a breeze! 


We are able to mix 150 rich, deep colours.

We can use the RTM System to create your own custom colours. Colours can by mixed by weight or volume which allows you to make consistent colours time after time. 

The RTM System can be used under any water base or solvent base sealer's or top coats.

Can be spray or hand applied

Call us on 07764 581 592 to arrange for us to match and mix a colour for you at our workshop.


                                                   £10.99 for 236ml

                                                   £16.99 for 473ml

                                                   £30.99 for 946ml 

                                                   £59.99 for 1.89l

                                                   Smaller tester volumes available

Milk Paint Swatch

Milk Paint was developed by the team from General Finishes for many uses - from a clear, bright contemporary look to old fashioned painted furniture with a good range of colour that could be extended by the user. If you like chalk paints or true milk paints, try pre-mixed Milk Paint from GF.

Not a true "milk paint" (there is no milk in it) but a modern version of old world paint with a strong mineral base, it is fabulously adaptable & UV resistant. Milk Paint can be used indoors or out & applied to furniture, crafts, and cabinets. Easy to use - consumers can hand apply or professionals may spray. It is the furniture paint with soul.

You can mix it, lighten it, distress it, glaze it, layer different colours, antique it - perfect for up-cycling or re-purposing furniture. Available in 28 mixable colours. Follow with our glaze effects for a distressed or antiqued look. 

High use flat surfaces such as dining tables and desks will develop the patina of every day life over time so we recommend top coating with High Performance (or Exterior 450) to our customers who are patina-adverse or wish extra stain protection.

Milk Paints can be used alone or used with any other product in the General Finishes Water Based line, including Wood                                                           Stains, and Top Coats.


                                                    Available to purchase in our Web Store

H.P. Top Coat 

Winner of Fine Woodworking's Best Overall Choice Award, High Performance Top Coat is the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane top coat on the market today. It contains all the consumer friendly characteristics of PolyAcrylic Blend. In addition it contains a UV Stabilizer to protect it from breaking down in sunlight and to protect the underlying stains from fading. And with its pure polyurethane durability, it can even be used on floors. This is the most durable product. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Available in the following sheens: Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

Available to purchase in our Web Store

GF Enduro Top Coat in 4 Sheen levels

VAR Top Coat 

Enduro-Var is a self crosslinking polyurethane that looks more like an oil varnish than a water coating. It ambers slightly, is our most durable coating, is highly water resistance and is both sprayable and brushable. It is our top of the line coating and should be used when you need the very best. Suitable for cabinets and millwork.

Enduro-Var ADHERES WELL only over WATER STAINS, DYE STAINS, and RAW WOOD. It will adhere over an oil stain ONLY IF the stain is completely dry (minimum 4 days drying). Use Enduro-Var over any other surfaces at your own risk.

Available in Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss sheens.

Available to purchase in our Web Store

General Finishes Effects

Glaze Effects

Glaze Effects are translucent water based colors used to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, marble, shabby chic, burnishing, color washing, rag rolling and wood graining.  Use overWater Based Wood Stains, Country Colors, Antique Wax and Milk PaintsGlaze Effects can be inter-mixed or layered to create custom colors. They may also be layered over one another to create deeper, richer looks.


                                                                                          Glaze Effects are available in the following colours: Winter White, Yellow Ochre, Red Sienna, Burnt                                                                                           Umber, Van Dyke Brown, Pitch Black, and Clear Base (not shown). All finishes are shown here                                                                                                 over Antique White Milk Paint.

                                                                                          Available to purchase in our Web Store

Gel Stains from General Finishes

Gel Stain 

This is the stain that has the most "finishing feel" of all our products. Woodworkers love the lustrous finish that shows up when rubbing out the 2nd and 3rd coats. Gel Stains are  formulated with a combination of pigments, oils, and urethanes to produce a durable and beautiful "hand-rubbed" finish. Gel Stains are heavy-bodied, and so do not penetrate as deeply into the wood as liquid oilbase stains do. Because of this, they are often less affected by the condition of the wood, and can help you get a more even appearance on difficult woods such as aspen or pine.

These easy-to-use stains simply wipe on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush (no spills or splashes). 

Gel Stains are available in: Candlelight, Nutmeg, Antique Walnut, Brown Mahogany, Georgian Cherry and Java.

                                                   Available to purchase in our Web Store