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We Stock the full range of Button Fix,
General Finishes and the RTM Service.

Pro Floor

General Finishes the leaders in water based technology for over 30 years launched their market changing Water Based Pro Floor System. Customer's floors can now be stained and sealed within a day with a great range of highly UV stable intermixable colours using new premium pigmentation that offer coverage 30% greater than oil stains but without the strong odour of solvent systems.

Colour Matching Floor Stains                

Over 60 colours are available from the Colour Matching System (left) and many more in between.
Choose to match an existing colour or choose a custom colour mixed for your project or your Business Brand.

Pro Stains

Stain and seal in one day, brilliant colours, excellent UV stability using new premium pigmentation, VOC 2010 compliant, coverage 30% greater thatn oil stains, no solvent odour, no combustion concerns.

Pro Sealer

A self-crosslinking single component sealer for hardwood floors designed to be used with Pro Floor Stains, Pro Image, and Pro Shield. 34% solids, self-crosslinking acrylic sealer. Apply over Pro Stain the same day and save time and labour.

Pro Image
a durable, consumer friendly one part, and self-crosslinking urethane/acrylic top coat.

Pro Shield
our most durable floor finish, is a two part professional urethane/acrylic that requires our AZ catalyst.

Both are available in the following sheens: Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

Pro Line Paints

Designed for painting lines but also great for painting floors, available in the following colours.

Black, Blue, Buckskin, Gray, Green, Maroon, Red, White, Orange, Purple and Yellow.