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We Stock the full range of Button Fix. 

The full Bath Panel Kit is available via Amazon, click the link below.

Bath Panel Fix Kit


The kit is suitable for one wood or composite bath panel and designed with a simple push/pull fit for ease of fitting and removal (if access is required).

Included in this kit are 6 fixings, 6 buttons and 6 reusable markers.

When used in the configuration (left) they provide a reference mark on the panel, which advises the position of the fix.

The dome head screws are suitable for panels 10mm to 15mm thick and the countersunk screws are for securing the button to the internal framework.

For other panel sizes see below screw chart.

Bath Panel Fix Kit (Re-Fill Set)


Same as the full kit but does not include the re-usable markers.

Screw Size Chart

4.0 /4.5 x 12 pan head (#8/#9 x 0.5”)  9 mm (0.35”) For 10 mm panels (0.4”)
4.0/4.5 x 16 pan head (#8/#9 x 0.625”) 13 mm (0.52”) For 15 mm panels  (0.6”)
4.0/4.5 x 20 pan head (#8/#9 x 0.75”) 17 mm (0.67”) For 18 mm panels (0.7”) 
4.0/4.5 x 25 pan head (#8/#9 x 1”) 22 mm (0.87”) For 25 mm panels (1”) and over